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Silva Star Farm has been working with Felton Acres for the past 6 months. Our products are currently available only through them, but soon will be available under our own label again. Happy Farming!

Sebastopol's Local Pasture Farm

Silva Star Farms is a small sustainable agriculture farm located three miles west of downtown Sebastopol, CA. We raise pasture eggs, poultry, pork, lamb, and goats milk. Feel free to join us on Twitter to keep abreast of farm news:

See the farm on YouTube:

We are now posting regular videos of the farm to YouTube, enjoy:


2012 Fresh Chicken Schedule Closed for the season, we will have chicken in the Spring under the Felton Acres label.

This year we have realized that we must process our birds USDA until we can coordinate a mobile processing unit that is USDA or CDFA inspected. As a result our batches are larger this year and less often.

We raise happy chicken in our pesticide free pastures. We move our mobile chicken tractors once each day to ensure that the chickens receive fresh pasture grass each day they also have access to organic soy-free feed twenty-four hours a day.

Price Per Pound: $7.00
Order chicken today!

We also offer live freedom ranger chicks at various ages so you can raise your own!

Pasture Eggs Our eggs are available at Bill's Farm Basket, through Backyard CSA, and at our weekly farmstands. Sebastopol 7 days a week. They can also be purchased at one of our weekly farmstand visits or right here online. You may schedule to pick them up when it is convenient for you.

We have increased our flock and are now taking reservations for the Community Supported Eggs a.k.a. CSEggs program . If you are interested in more info and getting on the list for this great opportunity please email Sarah.

The monthly payment options are:
4 Dozen (1 per week) $27 ($6.75/dz)
8 Dozen (2 per week) $52 ($6.50/dz)
12 Dozen (3 per week) $75 ($6.25dz)

All payments are due in advance and we usually collect the last week of the previous month when you pick up your eggs for that week.

Sign ups not available at this time.

Rose and Thorn Farmstyle Market and Faire October 8th!

Goat pet milk now available!

We have cancelled the goat share program due to the recent raids of small dairy herds in California. We are working on creating a legal and licensed mobile raw dairy for our goats. In the mean time we can only sell our goats milk for pet consumption and not human consumption. We do have it available by the half gallon every day of the week. We currently use our milk for our own consumption and to feed our baby animals, meat pigs, and breeding stock pigs. Oh and the farm kitties. ;-) Price per half gallon is $12.50, please email to order.

Pasture Pork and Lamb SaleOur next pig harvest is TBD.

We will be harvesting lambs within the next month... Reserve today!

Contact Us Email Sarah or call (707) 968 - STAR